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Handicrafts unique pendant in the shape of a tree is a great gift that your loved one can say everything. Keep no longer choose any gemstone from which the tree will be made, know that identical piece of the world does not exist. Each is unique. Enjoy yourself and loved ones.

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Pendant made of black pin-shaped tree.

Black nodesx
- is a force-supplying stone
- Provides support in difficult or unclear situations
- Ensures contact with senior guides
- It offers a connection with the unity of the universe
- stone brings strength, endurance and life force
- facilitates the reception of lessons learned from the past
- Increases self-confidence and helps you cope with the conditions in your neighborhood
- onyx is a silent stone that serves you as the most faithful counselor
- he says he keeps memories of everything that wore it, he survived

Therapeutical use
- The lonos have a beneficial effect on the teeth, bones, bone marrow, treat blood disorders and legs
- Keep your hands in the hand to remind you of previous injuries that can be removed using Crystal Treatment
- You can also use it to heal old regrets and sadness

Stones may be prone to fall from a height.

Pendant diameter: approx. 5cm

The pendant is normally supplied without a chain or other fabric.

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