Shipping and Charges

1. The goods will be delivered to the buyer within the period stated on the website of the seller on the reopening of the order.
2. If the seller and the buyer in the purchase agreement have agreed otherwise, the seller must deliver the thing to the buyer without delay and not later than 7 days from the date of the purchase contract. If the seller fails to fulfill his obligation to deliver the thing within the first sentence, the buyer asks him to deliver the thing in him by providing additional reasonable period of time. If the seller does not deliver the item within this additional reasonable period, the buyer is entitled to cancel the contract.
3. The buyer agrees to extend the delivery period if appropriate to the production of the ordered goods or other circumstances.
4. View the results on any website e-commerce, operated by the seller is illustrative.
5. The buyer is obliged to check the shipment, that the goods and their packaging immediately after delivery. In the event of the existence of defects in the goods the buyer shall prepare a record of the extent and nature of defects in the goods, the accuracy of which is confirmed by courier or dealer. Based on this the fixation is delivered, the seller may refuse to accept the buyer subsequently delivered goods with defects or to confirm the delivery of goods with a defect and consequently under no L.8 conduct and claims conditions to claim the defective goods from the seller or nominee. If the buyer refuses to accept the goods delivered with a defect, all reasonably incurred costs of returning goods to the seller shall be borne by the seller.
6. Seller is not responsible for:
A). delayed delivery of ordered goods caused by post or courier;
B). culpable damage to the shipment by mail or courier;
C). any non-delivery, which occurred due manufacturer (supplier) due to any restriction or cancellation of distribution rights or other unforeseen obstacles.
7. The buyer is entitled in the event of non-delivery by the seller within the period specified in 5.2. hereof withdraw from the contract and the seller is obliged to refund the buyer has paid part of the purchase price within 14 days of receipt of the withdrawal from the purchase contract by wire transfer to a bank account of the buyer of the buyer.

8. The buyer may pay for your order:
- By bank transfer on the bank account:
SK9083300000002600727165 BIC / SWIFT: FIOZSKBAXXX
- cash on delivery,
- Online - payment via GoPay, 24Pay
- Online - payment via PayPall,
- The invoice, in agreement with spol. Sentop, p. r .o.
- in cash.
9. To deliver the ordered goods, the seller charges a flat rate of shipping costs depending on the selected mode of transport according to the current pricelist carriers while the buyer is informed about the price of services before placing an order.
10. The vendor may provide the buyer:
A). price discount for signing up for our e-shop,
B). discount for repeat purchases or,
C). discount on the basis of a single coupon while still providing discounts can not be combined.

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Moduly, platobné brány a preklady pre PrestaShop

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