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Healing minerals and semi-precious gemstones X-MOMO

Do you have your jewelry ideas? Do you want to have your unique jewelry that no one will have besides you? We offer a wide range of free mineral stones in different sizes. All you have to do is select and produce your unique jewel, which recharges you with positive energy and accompanies you every day.

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Cracked crystal
- symbolizes light on Earth
- Removes barriers and blockages that inhibit free energy flow
- brings clarity and purity to the soul
- We are constantly recharging with new energy and strength
- Get rid of insomnia and take good dreams when we put it on the bedside table
- Puts a clear and positive energy into dreams if it is in the neighborhood near us at night
- It also eliminates negative Earth radiation and geopathic zones.

Medicinal effects (translates):
- treats and relieves pain, burns and skin diseases - for this purpose, wash wounds with a medicinal elixir from Crystal
- in the center of the throat positively affects the function of the thyroid gland
- cleans and treats the vascular system, kidneys, promotes metabolism and digestion, helps to rid the body of poisons, impurities and pollutants
- it acts not only preventively but also curatively for cancer
- Helps migraine
- Drinking a healing elixir from Crystal after breathing fasts will greatly help with diarrhea and stomach nausea

The price is for 1 piece of the appropriate size.

These beads are particularly fragile due to their structure. When dropping from a height to a hard surface, they can break into small pieces. Beads are also susceptible to frequent knocking on, for example, a table, which can also cause them to be damaged. These beads and jewelery made from them are more suitable for exceptional wearing.

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