Bracelet on hand - light hematite - Ø FI 4mm

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Branded bracelets X-MOMO

If you want to decorate your wrist and at the same time do something for your health, this model is ideal for you. Perfect choice for you are bracelets jewels.

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- particularly effective at grounding and as a protective stone
- balances body, mind and spirit
- in peace, peace, peace and harmony
- acts particularly beneficial in situations connected with law and law
- Helps shy women, improves self-confidence and ability to survive
- adds greater will to life and develops reliability
- It also increases credibility
- removes the limitations previously set by its owner and encourages personality development
- protects against bad thoughts

Therapeutical use (translated)
- hematite promotes red blood cell production
- Hematite water regulates insufficient kidney function
- hematite also helps with irregular menstruation and pain related disorders
- it is also recommended for blood clots and for help in stopping bleeding
- helps with weaknesses and complements our vitality
- The hematite inserted under the pillow is used for restful sleep

Bracelets are made to order according to your wishes. Please be patient to be patient if we delay production.

Stones may be susceptible to breakage when falling from a height.

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